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Pest Control Services Serving DeSoto, TX & the Greater Dallas Area

Arrow Pest Control cares about our neighbors! Anyone living in the area knows that various types of pests and insects can affect your home. Arrow Pest Control offers expert pest control services in DeSoto & the Greater Dallas Area to help address these issues. The Dallas area offers a lot of great amenities for our local residents. This includes a good local economy and offering plenty of recreational activities. However, the Desoto-Dallas area, can have issues with bugs and rodents. Due to this, calling a local exterminator and pest control service can be quite important. A local pest control company, such as Arrow Pest Control, can offer a variety of services that can help ensure any pest infestation is properly taken care of.

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Termite Control and Treatment

One of the concerns with any property in Texas is the risk of termites. If a termite population exists for long enough, they can cause a serious amount of damage to any wood beams or the full structure of your home. When you call Arrow Pest Control, we can offer very effective services.

For new construction homes, this includes pre-treating the soil before the foundation for a home is poured to prevent termites. Our team can then give a wood-destroying termite report for title and mortgage companies. This termite pre-construction service could be a requirement to close on the purchase of a new home.

If you have an effective infestation, Arrow Pest Control will trench underground and identify the source of the termites. We are also effective at identifying the access points if termites have gotten into your home. Our company can then close off any access points, spray and eliminate active infestations, and give support to prevent them from coming back.

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Rodent Control

If you see rodents in your home, Arrow Pest Control can offer a free estimate right over the phone when you call. When we come out, we will be able to identify the source of any active infestation and help get rid of it completely. This will include closing access points and providing services to keep them from coming back.

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Carpenter ants cause serious damage to your home or business by tunneling through wood. Carpenter ants often prefer building their nests in wet or damaged wood outside. However, this does not mean they won’t build nests inside your walls, as well. If you see ants, deteriorating wood, or what looks like little piles of sawdust, then you might have an infestation. Here at Arrow Pest Control, we want to help you control carpenter ants.

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Bedbug Removal & General Pest Control

German roaches, bed bugs, and other insects are quite common In this area of Texas and they can be a significant nuisance. When you call Arrow Pest Control, the team can provide effective insect and bed bug treatment to permanently eliminate the infestation.

If you have an infestation of termites, rodents, pests, or any other insect in Texas, you should call Arrow Pest Control today.

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